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Wedding Photography, Warwick, Warwickshire

Back on the 29th August I provided the wedding photography of Kevin and Nicole at the Alderson House in Warwick. It was a lovely day and even after a week of unsettled weather the sun came out for a perfect sunny wedding day.

Alderson House in Warwick is ideal for small to medium size weddings; its usual purpose is the meeting lodge for the Provincial Grand Lodge of the Warwickshire Masons. Set in a Georgian town house on Warwick High Street, the venue certainly has lots of character and space making it ideal for small to medium size weddings.
The ceremony was held in the Masonic Temple which is very grand as one might expect, then there was has an attractive garden for drinks and elegant dining room for the wedding breakfast.

For the wedding photography I was booked for two hours coverage. I have covered many wedding for two hours, the package suits small to medium weddings.  It is surprising how much can be captured in this time.

I arrived at 10.00 to photograph the dining room, the groom and groom men, and then made my way upstairs to photograph the harpist, the guest arriving and the general scene, at 10.30 the ceremony started up until 11.00 am. After this I was doing casual portraits and groups, then a mock cutting of the cake then finally back outside for the bride and groom portraits with me finishing at 12 noon.

Our two hour wedding photography package costs £300.00 including typically 70 – 150 images edited to a high standard copy right free.  The variance in image numbers depends on how many people are at the wedding. These images are then presented on disk with a leather or fabric presentation sleeve available in a wide range of colours, with an image mounted on the outside.

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Baby Passport Photo Child Passport Photos Warwickshire

Baby Passport Photo Warwickshire

High Quality Baby Passport Photo and Children's Passports Photographs

Using traditional photo booths of baby and children passports can often be a challenge and often be a waste of time, simply because photo booths are not designed for this purpose.

We offer a Guaranteed Service

Providing baby passport photo and visa photographs for children and adults been a specialty of ours for more than five years, in this time we have created thousands of high quality images for babies and children's passports with a zero rejection rate. As with all types of photography services we offer it is our absolute aim to do the best job possible, which is why we are recommended by Warwick Post Office as a local provider of baby passports photo and children's passports photos in Warwickshire.


Opening Times

Our baby passport photo service is open any time (9.30 am - 6 pm Monday to Saturday)  simply call us to book an appointment 01926 800105 at our studio based at 1 Market Place in Warwick, Warwickshire. By booking an appointment with us you are guaranteed to received a passport photograph that is not only exactly to specification but its a pleasing mini portrait of your child.

Our service costs £10.00 for each set and comprises of:

  • Six UK Passports calibrated and cut to size exactly to specification. Or Four Visa Photographs again exactly to specification.
  • High quality lighting and professional equipment used.
  • Unlimited tries until a we have a photograph you are happy with.

We also provide a passport and visa photography service for adults which are completed to the same high standard and costs exactly the same whether it is a UK Passport or Visa Photograph please see our Visa and Passport page for more information.

Tel: 01926 800105

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Large Group Photography Warwickshire

In August I was approached by the management team of Rugby Town Football Club to create a never attempted before photograph of all six hundred club members. For me this was a daunting task and something I had never done before, in fact I think up until the day of the photograph on 5th September the most people in a single photograph was about one hundred and fifty.

Although the task at hand was daunting thankfully the football club had given me enough notice to come up with a plan. My first thought was what resolution would  I require to photograph that many people in a single photograph.  I thought through many options before deciding that I would need to double my standard camera resolution, so I decided to get my hands on a fifty plus mega pixel camera.

The next aspect was working out the best position for the photograph be to taken, the team at the club had given a time of 13.00 for the photograph to be taken, with this in mind I was able to establish where the sun would be at that time of day and then recommend where the group should be placed to avoid the sun shining in the groups eyes (as it turned out it wasn't sunny on the day but it is always better to be prepared in my opinion).

I also had to establish my chosen lens field of view, to establish this I visited the football ground before the event and was able to give the club guidance on where I would like to stand and where the limits of the group would be in order to see all the banners and the members plus the club house in the background. The final consideration was a 3 metre high scaffold tower provided by the club for me to stand on. Now I am not keen on heights and with all the prep work done and the clubs coaches helping out with arranging the group into the position, my only worry became falling off the tower.

In the end though we had a very successful photo opportunity with everything going to plan and a happy customer.


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Old Photograph Restoration Warwickshire

I really enjoy restoring old photographs because as a photographer I know how important photographs are as a record of events, times and people. I will treat a damaged photograph as if it is my own.  These images to me are priceless and have to be protected. However,  no matter how careful we are with prints they remain very easily damaged which is why it is a good idea to make a digital copies insuring a back up always exists.

Recently I completed a project to restore eighty five photographs and then to use my wedding album creation skills to turn them into an album for a birthday gift, it was a challenging project because the photographs were in poor condition and also the compositions for the most part (part from three or four really good ones taken by someone with a keen eye) where poor, but the beauty of digital imaging is that badly composed images can be cropped.

In fact under the direction of my client I created a new group family photograph by compositing three photographs into one to be used as a double page spread and cropped many more to refocus the key people to the centre of the frame.

For the album I used a new range of albums that I have recently started offering as a budget option, the range starts at just £29.99 for a twenty page 6x6" album which is a very good price for a very high quality album. The exterior is available in a range of colours in synthetic leather material with a range paper options on the interior, delivered in a lay flat style coffee table book with debossing also available.


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Wedding Photography Warwickshire at Dunchurch Park

On the 18th July we provided the wedding photography for the wedding of Rebekah and Steve Murphy at Dunchurch Park in Warwickshire. It was an epic twelve hours from 9.30 am until 9.30 pm for me and 9.30 until 5.00 pm for my photographer colleague Rebecca.

However the flew by it was such a lovely wedding and it was great pleasure to capture the day as it unfolded, I have shared a few images below.

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Wedding Photography for a Small Family Wedding Alice & Omar @ Pageant House

Wedding Photography for a Small Family Wedding held in Warwick, Warwickshire

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of providing wedding photography for a small family wedding held at the Pageant House and then in and around Warwick for photographs. It was a perfect sunny day with a friendly family and great surroundings.

Wedding Photography Planning

For every wedding big or small I always seek to agree a plan with my client from the outset.  Having a plan of the days timings,  who needs to be photographed, where we will do the photographs and how much time we have for the photography and many more questions.  Need to be answered before the big day,   I also always do recce of the area in advance even if I have been to that place many times before because its always good to know the lay the of land where the light looks best and where the best spots are for wedding photography. 

You may be reading this and thinking with so much planning the end photographs will be very rigid.  The complete opposite is true because once the client knows what they are doing and I know what I am doing.  Everyone can relax and enjoy the day because there is nothing to worry about apart from enjoying the day.

Below are a small selection of the images from the day.



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Chrome and Silver Product Photography

Over the years I have photographed every type of jewel and precious metal imaginable so when we were approached by a Warwickshire based local designer and manufacturer of high quality architectural hardware to do their photography.  I thought nothing of the challenge we faced, I now know photographing chrome is probably the most difficult type of product photography going.

I have photographed a lot of hand worked silver jewellery which can be tricky, but that is nothing in comparison to photographing chrome.  It is basically like taking photographs of a three dimensional mirror. However,  I have always liked a challenge and I am not known for giving up easily.  It has taken a lot of patience but I am now producing work that my client and I are happy with.




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News Debit and Credit Card Payments

We can now accept debit and credit cards for all transactions in addition traditional methods such as cash or cheque. Cards we can now accept for payment are: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Maestro.



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A Very Warwickshire Wedding - Brendan & Marie @ Pageant House

Here are a few images from the wedding of Marie and Brendan who got married on the 25th April 2015 at the registry Pageant House registry office in Warwick, Warwickshire. They hired me for my two hours wedding photography package where I was able to capture the pre wedding drinks in the Warwick Arms Hotel, then the service at the Pageant House followed by formal group photographs in the Pageant House gardens and then half an hours photography back at Marie and Brendans home where they were having their reception.

I absolutely put the same amount of effort into my wedding photography regardless of the time I am hired for and I hope this can be seen in the images I have shared here, which are just ten out of the one hundred finished photographs supplied to Marie and Brendan.



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Photographer with CSCS Card

Recently we trained and qualified for an operatives card under the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS).  This means that we can show a card to prove that we meet the high standard of Health & Safety required to work as a photographer within any UK construction site.

We have our own PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) including high visibility jackets and trousers, hard hats, steel toe cap boots, safety gloves, safety eye wear and ear defenders as well as Chapter 8 compliant vehicle chevrons. 

We can deploy a range of high quality photography equipment for any photography task either from on the ground or in the air. On the ground we have high resolution DSLR's, panoramic heads for creating precision panoramas for surveying work, survey poles for adding scale.  In the sky we can deploy our Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) owned by our sister company Dataq Technologies Ltd.  Which holds CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) permission to fly RPAS commercially throughout the United Kingdom.  Our license is number BNUC-S 007-11-02-02/1 a license we have held since 2011.

Before we qualified for the CSCS card we have worked on many construction sites in central London as well as highways projects, but the addition of the card adds to our continued commitment to raising standards and working safely and effectively in commercial and construction environments.

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