Photographer with CSCS Card

Recently we trained and qualified for an operatives card under the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS).  This means that we can show a card to prove that we meet the high standard of Health & Safety required to work as a photographer within any UK construction site.

We have our own PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) including high visibility jackets and trousers, hard hats, steel toe cap boots, safety gloves, safety eye wear and ear defenders as well as Chapter 8 compliant vehicle chevrons. 

We can deploy a range of high quality photography equipment for any photography task either from on the ground or in the air. On the ground we have high resolution DSLR's, panoramic heads for creating precision panoramas for surveying work, survey poles for adding scale.  In the sky we can deploy our Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) owned by our sister company Dataq Technologies Ltd.  Which holds CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) permission to fly RPAS commercially throughout the United Kingdom.  Our license is number BNUC-S 007-11-02-02/1 a license we have held since 2011.

Before we qualified for the CSCS card we have worked on many construction sites in central London as well as highways projects, but the addition of the card adds to our continued commitment to raising standards and working safely and effectively in commercial and construction environments.

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Business Portraits and Head Shots Warwickshire

Do you need high quality head shots photographs to complement your online professional presence on sites such as Linkedin, websites or for job applications?

Starting from just £45 for up to an hours sitting we can create different looks in one relaxed business portrait sitting. Taken at our permanent photography studio in Warwick, Warwickshire we will listen to your brief and only finish the sitting when you are 100% happy with the outcome.  We encourage our customers to bring a change of clothes so that we can experiment with what works best. Additionally we have different background options, lighting set ups as well as many years experience in creating the photography that our clients want.

We have many satisfied customers, plus many regular referrals.  To find out how we can help please call or email for more details.…/professional-portraits

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Warwickshire Pre Wedding Shoot on location at Dunchurch Park with Becci & Steve

Becci and Steve's pre wedding shoot took place at Dunchurch Park where they are planning to get married in July this year.

It was good to catch up and explore the extensive grounds at Dunchurch Park. I am very much looking forward to the wedding photography capturing the all the fun and details of their wedding day.

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Studio Kids Family Portraits Warwick, Warwickshire

Half terms are a perfect opportunity to photograph the kids all together, it is not often with busy family lives that the opportunity arises to get all the grandchildren in one photograph for a family portrait. Our photography studio is conveniently located in Warwick town centre in Warwickshire there are many tourist sites locally so why not incorporate a visit to us with your visit to the town.

Our standard studio photography sitting costs £25.00 and includes a 10 x 8" print of your choice from the selection of images taken. Additionally further prints and high quality products can be purchased from our studio price list.

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Product Photography Warwickshire Working with Horses

99% of the time I take product photographs in my studio, however a recent customer wanted their product photography done at their premises. The client wanted standard product shots on a white backgrounds but in addition they also wanted some photographs of their products on their horses. 

So packed all my kit up including large white and black backgrounds, lights, stands and reflectors and headed for the customers farm. I then set up my equipment in a large barn to photograph the biggest horse I have ever seen!

I am fairly tall but this horse towered over me and my camera so much so that I had to stand on a box to be at the same height as my tripod to photograph the horse. It was a challenge and also a thrill to set up my equipment in a barn which was a first for me.  That said though I am well versed in using my studio lights and quickly got set up to where I needed to be. 

The next few hours flew by where I photographed a series of ten bridles on Eric the horse who was very well behaved throughout. Afterwards we then when into warmer climes of the clients office to set up the white background and photograph the rest of the products.

As I mentioned above I would usually do this type of work in my studio but by being on site with the client they where able to direct how there photographs were taken which makes the process of taking the photographs so much easier. Resulting in set ups that the customers knows will work for their product and I know will work in terms of lighting.

This was my first time working with horses on location it was very enjoyable. I found the horses to be very well behaved. I have worked with lots of animals but I now think horses are the best to work with and look forward to doing more in the future.






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November Update

Its been a very busy few months and its hard to believe we are nearly at Christmas. As expected for the time of year I have been very busy with family portrait photographs, but I have also done a wedding some interesting aerial photography projects, product photography and some cool business portraits

I do wish I was competent of keeping up with this blog and adding new pieces of work as they happen but it never works out that way and I always forget.

I will add some posts soon though, in the meantime I wanted to share a link to Sohei Nishino a Japanese photographer. Who creates aerial view dioramas of cities by piecing together thousands of photographs he has taken of the city on the ground.

He uses a film camera to photograph the cities as he walks the streets for roughly a month, before developing the negatives and finally arranging the prints to make up the scene.

Pretty cool stuff.

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Headshot Portraits Warwickshire

We live in an increasingly visual world where the creation of headshot portraits to see what people look like is very useful for job applications, business profiles or on websites.

However, most people are not comfortable having their photograph taken, almost 100% of customers I meet say they do not like having their photograph taken. This creates a challenge for photographers which is met by creating good conversation to take the customers your mind off the photography to create relaxed portraits, which is one of my favourite parts of the job is being able to chat with people from all sections of society.

This is week I've created two business portraits one for a lecturer at Warwick University who wanted an updated picture for his course web page and a lady who required a portrait for a job application.



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Event Photography Cafe Rouge Leamington Spa

On the 30th October I was employed to provide event photography at the re-launch event of Cafe Rouge in Leamington Spa.  The purpose of the event was to show off the newly devised wine list created by wine expert Mathew Jukes as well as the skills of the kitchen staff to create dishes that work well with the wine.

Photography wise it was quite challenging because the restaurants is very dimly lit throughout, which really gave me the only option of using my flash gun.  That said I did get some time to create some available light shots with Mathew and the Cafe Rouge branded Citroen 2CV outside by Royal Priors


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Clothing Photography Warwickshire

I was approached by Melimoto to provide product photography for their new range of motorcycle clothing. Matt the owner is a typical businessman who will throw his hand to anything if it will save money.  I do it myself and although it does save money it doesn't save time and the results often aren't as good.

Up until now Matt has done all his product photography himself, he told me that he didn't think I could do a better job but due to time constraints he had to hire me in.

First of all I visited the Melimoto factory in the Black Country, Matt wanted some arty shots of the product. We discussed various options and ideas but settled on a visit to the factory because they have lots of bike parts and helmets that would make a good background, that are relevant to the product being sold.  

90% of the time I do most of my work at my studio in Warwick, but I can easily take my studio with me to locations.  The main reason for this is to take advantage of the extra power studio flash creates and also the flexibility for creative lighting and to fit around my clients needs.

Once the creative photographs were done I took the clothing with me back to my studio to create product photos on white backgrounds. Our studio is ideal for this type of work  because we have mannequins of all types, a central town centre location ideal for deliveries and also natural light options for more natural looking product photographs.  We also have a range of backgrounds and props.

Once the clothing photography was finished Matt was very impressed with the results and said that he could see why I knew I could do a better job than he could. It is really because there is so much more to creating good quality product photography than simply using any old camera to photograph a product on a white background. I often compare a photographer to a chef, sure we can all cook to some extent, but to do it really well, takes skill, experience, dedication and time.



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Natasha & John Wedding Photography

On the 5th August it was the wedding of Natasha & John who got married in Bournemouth Registry office and then had a humanist wedding ceremony on the beach at Mudeford, close to Christchurch in Dorset. It was a intimate affair but for what it lacked in size it made up for in impact. After the registry office ceremony we headed to Christchurch where we a ferry boat had been laid on to take us to Mudeford beach and then the service was held on the beach.

It was a great experience to photograph a wedding on a beach and not something I had expected to happen since Warwick is one of the furthest places from the sea in the UK and John didn’t actually mention the ceremony was happening on the beach until the day!

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Wedding Photography & Events July - August 2014

From mid-July to mid-August was a busy month for wedding photography and event photography in Warwickshire.

The first wedding was for Alyson & Rob who got married at Winton House Registry Office in Stratford-upon-Avon then afterwards a small gathering of friends and family at the Baraset Barn in Alveston, near Stratford-upon-Avon

My brief was to cover the service and reception in reportage style wedding photography whilst also getting the traditional shots that remain a staple of any wedding. The assignment in total was just two hours, but however long I am hired for is just as important as an all-day assignment and I will put as much effort in as is required to get the pictures.

It was a very enjoyable few hours where the weather was the best it had been for a few days and all there was plenty of opportunity for getting the photographs I needed.

My next event was a 50th Birthday party for a local Warwick businessman held at Ashorne Hill, just outside Warwick. My brief here was to capture candid event photography of James’ guests enjoying the activities in the day time and then photograph the couples before they headed into the evening meal.

First of all I didn’t even know Ashorne Hill existed, but what lovely venue that is well worth checking out.  James had laid on sports activities, a BBQ and access to the venues leisure facilities for all his guests in the daytime and then a relaxed formal meal.  The weather was absolutely perfect probably the best day so far this year and James had created a relaxed atmosphere where I was able to capture many relaxed portraits of his guests.

On the 2nd August it was the wedding of Caroline & David, the service was held at St Joseph’s Catholic Church in Whitnash with the reception at Whitnash Golf Club.  I really enjoyed this wedding because over the last six months I’ve have got to know Caroline & David through the planning and the pre wedding engagement portraits.   It was great to see all the guests and the happy couple enjoy an emotional and very happy day.

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Weddding Photography Gurdwara Sahib Royal Leamington Spa

I would like to share a few images from the very enjoyable and interesting wedding of Nicky and Harbir that I was commissioned to photograph at the end of June 2014.

My brief was to be the brides photographer this included informal portraits and detail capture in the morning and then reportage wedding style wedding photography coverage of the wedding ceremony at the Gurdwara Sahib in Royal Leamington Spa in the afternoon.

The day was very enjoyable and interesting especially to meet all the families involved who were very friendly and helpful in guiding me through the ceremonies and formalities of the day.

I have shared a few of my favourite images below.





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A visit to Warwick Gaol & Warwick County Council's Emergency Bunker

Back in September 2013 I had the pleasure of a whilstle-stop tour of Warwickshire County Council's Shire Hall and the old Crown Courts on North Gate Street in Warwick, Warwickshire. My friends and I have long been interested in the stories of the nuclear bunker that is supposed to be located underneath Shire Hall and the old gaol on Northgate Street, but because both are located behind closed doors a visit never seemed likely.


That was until I met up with Jack Linstead of Warwick Rocks who also happens to work at Warwickshire County Council. I brought the subject up of the bunker and gaol in conversation and he offered to show me around, naturally I had to ask if I could bring a few friends and gladly he obliged.

On the day our first port of call was the "much fabled nuclear bunker" which was somewhat of a disappointment because it looked like any old dull office space (see picture above), but it did have an impressive double blast door (which I didn't take a photo of) and an emergency exit tunnel and hatch. Jack said that the bunker was still in use for county emergencies such as the 2007 floods.

After we left the bunker we climbed the several flights of stairs back up to the foyer of the building, next we had a quick look at the council chamber which was interesting to see a I had never been in there before. Its quite a dark room because of its location in the centre of the building, also the main natural light source at large stained glass window was blocked off in recent renovations that brought the post office and other council services into the foyer next door.


Next we where shown through the corridor which links Shire Hall with the old Warwick Crown Court on Northgate Street.  The entrance hall and waiting room for the court rooms is spectacularly ornate, its such a shame that this building is no longer in public use and also a shame that the modern replacement in Leamington Spa is so bland in comparison.


The opulent interior style continued into the court rooms, the court rooms are very ornate I particularly liked the ceiling decoration and the lantern on the top.  I would have liked to explore the room a bit more but Jack was on his lunch hour so we had to rush on into depths of the prison cells beneath.



The cells and gaol were the main event of our visit as far as I was concerned I've heard rumors of the gaol located here and seen pictures but we were actually going to go inside it so it was quite exciting. First we went down the steps and along the corridor to the office where I guess the keys for the cells would have been kept.  At this point it was interesting to imagine all the prisoners over the centuries would have walked down this corridor to learn their fate in the court rooms above.



At this point we had a look around the cells, I guess these cells are as old as the courts above with very basic modern upgrades such as the stainless steel and wooden shelf seen in one of the cells I looked in.  In terms of comfort there were no windows, no toilet, not much space and only a few holes in the wall for ventilation, but in comparison to what prisoners of the 1700's had to deal with this was paradise.


After we had a brief look around the cells, Jack opened up a very old looking door from which stone stairs lead downwards into the gaol below which came out of use in 1797. The room itself is octagonal just like the court rooms above. 


In the middle of the room is a cess pit, surrounding this are eight posts that prisoners would have been tied to by there feet. The room is was very damp, with a grate in the centre of the roof for light, other than the cess pool and posts the room is bare,  prisoners would have had to lye or sit on the damp stone floor.


On one side of the room is a brass plaque that was installed in 1932 with a history of the room written on it by the time I had read it, it was time to go and before we new it we were outside on Northgate Street.


It was a very quick tour lasting only half an hour but we saw some hidden history that lies very close to public areas but remains hidden from view. I do not know what the plans are for the old Crown Court but I hope its opened to the public as it really is a fantastic building with a fantastic history.



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Wedding Photography at Warwick Castle

It’s been flat out since Christmas and in busy times unfortunately blog writing becomes very low priority and lots of great stories are missed. So I’ll revisit some of the projects I have been involved in since the beginning of the year in future updates.

Firstly I wanted to mention the wedding photographs I did of Farrah and Greg an American couple who whilst honeymooning in the UK, wanted wedding photography of them that featured Warwick Castle.  They had requested to have them taken at the Mill Garden which is a venue I have used many times due to its picturesque location by the river and the castle.

The gardens were booked in January and then photo date was Tuesday 6th May. All was well until mid April when the trustees of the gardens called me to say that due to a planning dispute on Mill Street, the gardens could no longer be used for wedding photographs...gutted!
This news was somewhat disturbing because I had a client who wanted pictures with Warwick Castle in the background and to my knowledge the gardens were the only place I knew of that could fit the brief.

Apart from the obvious being Warwick Castle itself, but I know they have their own roaming photographer and also they hold weddings there so it seemed unlikely they would let me go in with Farrah & Greg and wonder about taking wedding photographs. But I was wrong one phone call and it was confirmed that we could use the castle grounds just as long as we paid the entrance fee and didn’t take photographs in the castle interiors.

This was great news and wedding photographs in the grounds of Warwick Castle is far better than what could of been achieved at the Mill Gardens albeit at extra cost but it was worth every penny. 

Then on 6th May the weather was excellent, Farrah and Greg looked perfect and we went off around the castle grounds and battlements. This is one of those great days when I really enjoy being a photographer and businessman because a challenge was set, I overcame it and finished the job with a happy client and a great finished product.

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Product Photography Warwick, Warwickshire

I am a general photographer, offering all aspects of photography either in my studio, on location or in the air for aerial photography. I have for a number of years been providing product photography for local businesses in Warwickshire.  Through this I have become an experienced Jewellery photographer where I have photographed over a thousand pieces of jewellery. I also provide clothing photography with or without models which is another area I am very experienced within.

Then recently I was asked to photograph newly designed a piece of machinery for the local company called Vapourblast, the machine is quite large so there was absolutely no chance of carrying it up the stairs to my studio. Instead I visited the factory to do the photographs, in essence the set up for doing the photography on site was no different from doing the shoot in the studio.

All of our equipment is portable, including the background rolls the only real difference was setting the correct power to my studio lights and positioning them.  After this was done we where away and then with a little bit of post processing.

Commercial Photography WarwickshireProduct Photography WarwickshireIndustrial Photography WarwickshireProduct Photography

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New Photo Studio Backgrounds

New Studio Backgrounds!

Family photo shoots taken against a bright white background, have been very popular for the last fifteen years. The style has become synonymous with high street studios and I expect it has bit a lot more life in it yet.

But here at Squire & Squire we want to break free from the formula’s of old and embrace a new future of colour!  Therefore we have invested in a range of coloured backgrounds and scenes suitable for a wealth of subjects. For more information please call 01926 800105 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   or contact us online through our family portraits Warwick page.

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Film Negative Scanning Warwick, Warwickshire

Its 2014 we are well into the digital revolution but despite owning several digital cameras I still like to use film cameras when I can. I own a couple of rangefinders but my favourite camera for the last few years has been the Lomography Dolphin 360 Spinner.

This camera is a lot of fun, it doesn't even look like a camera and to take a picture involves pulling a string rather than pressing a shutter, but even though it is fun to use I still want the best quality scans I can achieve.  Therefore we have invested in a professional negative scanner to suit our needs and also offer negative scanning as an extra service.

We can scan in 9600 x 9600 dpi with adapters for 35 mm, 120 and long negatives that the 360 spinner creates including scanning the sprocket holes that is popular with Lomography prints.

For more information please use the contact us page.






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UAV Aerial Photographer

In addition to our studio photography services we also have access to an unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or drones as they are more popularly called through our sister company Dataq Technologies Ltd. Dataq Technologies purchased its first UAV in January 2010 and since then has been delivering aerial photography and surveys throughout the UK. The company is able to do this by special licence from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). In fact Dataq Technologies was the sixth company in the UK to obtain such a licence and the company is fully insured with an excellent health & safety record and procedures.


From 2010 - 2013 Dataq Technologies was the prime contractor supplying UAV piloting services to the UK Health & Safety Executive whilst also supplying UAV photography solutions to some of Britain's biggest companies.  Building on aerial photography applications our company has become skilled in delivering Aerial Progress Photographs, infrastructure maintenance surveys such as flare tip inspections at oil refineries and structural inspections of chimneys or other awkward buildings to survey. Dataq is a specialist in delivering precision aerial panoramas and other services such as UAV surveys and 3D Modelling of buildings and landscapes.

For more information on the services UAV photography services we offer please visit the Dataq Technologies website.



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Save the Date Photo Session

Save the Date photographs are a popular way of celebrating a couples up coming wedding with a quicky engagement photoshoot that emphasis the date of the wedding turned into a montage or collage.  I believe this is mostly popular in the United States and when I was asked to do one at the end of October I didn't know what it was.  But after doing a bit of research online, I formulated some ideas and my customer Udit said he would provide the props.b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_1527.jpg

Every Save the Date photograph series has a theme and Udit said he wanted an autumn theme something that is not easily achieved in a studio evironment. But Warwick has some great gardens and the king of the all when it comes to a romantic setting is the Mill Garden at the bottom of Mill Street by the castle. Its perfect for photos of any kind because of the Castle on one side and the ruined bridge and river on the other.


However, on the day of the shoot the MOP fair was in town which again made a perfect setting for fun photographs. I think part of being a good photographer is being able to adapt, its good to have done ones research, have set ups in mind, but its also important to listen to your client and the ideas they have. I always say that it better to try out rather than dismiss any idea.


So we tried various ideas out on and around the rides at the MOP but as soon as we reached the Mill Garden it was clear that novelty of the fair had faded and this was the place they wanted there photographs to be taken. Uditt provided the Save the Date banner and dates and I brought a purple heart shaped helleium ballooon (I couldn't find a red one). To start with a it was a over cast grey day but soon the sun came out to lift the background allowing the capture of the autumn feel Udit and Khyati wanted.






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Photo Restoration Services

One of my favourite tasks is photo restoration because in addition to being a photographer and creating photographs. I also very much enjoy other peoples photographs especially images that capture a social history.  Often these photographs can sometimes (depending on there age), be the only visual record of what the subject/s looked like or the only record of a cherished event.  

This uniqueness makes these photographs as priceless to the family involved as any piece of artwork in the National Portrait Gallery.  

When starting a photo restoration project the first step recognise the value of the original photograph, as with all technology and techniques time moves on to bring out better ways of doing things. Once the original photograph has been scanned it should be cherished in the same way that it was when it was the only copy. Our restoration skills are are second to none but it is always a good idea to keep the original just in case techniques improve in the future and also because the original is still a valid piece of history and a relevant piece of artwork. 

Our next step is to edit and repair the photograph, once this process has been finished we will send a digital copy of the old and new versions to the customer via our online gallery side. Here the customer is able to see the old version and what has changed to make the newer version. Once the client has approved the new edited version a print will be printed as part of the photo restoration service giving the customers a new replacement print of the same size as the original and also a digital version/s so that new copies can be printed or kept digitally. For more information on our photo restoration services can be found here.  


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