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Commercial and Product Photographer for Businesses


Commercial and Product Photographer for Businesses

A recent project was to provide product photography for a Warwick based business who required a product photographer to create product images for a new website that is being developed for their company.

The business is a manufacturer of bespoke plastic and 3D printed parts used in the automotive industry and although the parts are fitted on some very glamorous vehicles. The parts themselves are just lumps of plastic to the untrained eye apart from an iconic radiator grill that most people would recognise!

The aim of the project was to make the parts look interesting to look at, going further than standard high-resolution white background product photography, although there are some white backgrounds for the large parts I used the available backgrounds in the factory.

I decided to add coloured light to the background of the images to create a bit more depth and definition. The logo for this company is blue so we decided to use a blue light, I can actually create any lighting effect on demand.

I have often used gels which is the process of adding filters to colour light, a common use is to colour the background of head shot portraits but I have never used them in product photography.

Due to the quantity of parts to be photographed I set up my equipment on location in the companies warehouse, this approach often makes sense because the products don't have to be moved, the business personnel are on hand to review how the work in progressing and it just makes it easier for everyone. When doing this type of work or any job really its makes sense to fit into others plans.

After all the product photography was completed, I did some people at work images and general images of the building and staff on site.



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Headshot and Product Photography


Here are some images from a recent project to capture some relaxed headshots of the owner of a Warwickshire business Empress Ale and also provide some Product Photography for use for an article in a magazine.  The client wanted some relaxed shots that were stylish and different from the normal standard headshots, for this I devised a more subtle lighting that complemented the clients clothing and the style he required for the article. 


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Happy New Year from Squire and Squire Photography

Happy New Year from Squire & Squire Photography

Shortly I will be off to Warwick Castle to photograph my last Wedding of 2016 and my second December wedding this year.  First though I thought I'd share a Happy New Year message.

2016 has been an enjoyable year where we've made many new friends / clients in all areas of the business.  February 2017 will be our fifth year anniversary at our studio at 1 Market Place, Warwick and my eighth year as a full time photographer.


I feel very privileged to be in the position that I am in and look forward to and wish everyone a very Happy New Year! 



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Product Photography Warwickshire


An exciting project in September was the product photography of Jodie & Gold a local up and coming fashion designer. Jodie has just launched her new range of clothing and needed good quality photography to show the designs off.

After discussing the new range with Jodie and her own ideas of what the photography should be like, we settled on doing the product photography within Jepherson Gardens in Leamington Spa. The gardens were a good choice because they provide varied and classical scenes that suited the floral and geometic designs of the clothing.

 The weather on the day was interesting in that the forecast up until the day was cloudy and then as we started to take some pictures the sun came out for completely blue skies with bright sunshine. The complete opposite of what we had planned for but despite some grumblings from me we adapted to the weather and got really nice pictures for Jodie’s website. 

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Commercial Product Photography Warwickshire


Commercial and product photography has always been a core service provided by Squire & Squire Photography.  In the seven years we have been in business we still retain the same commercial photography customers that we started with and add many more each year. We value all jobs no matter how large or small, sometimes a client may have a handful of items to be photographed or an entire shop full but the output is always same the best quality product photography.   

Recently we were approached to photograph over one hundred fifty stock lines for a men's clothing and formal wear Hire Company based in Leamington Spa.  They had high expectations of creating a new stylish website with high quality product photography. 

We have photographed clothing on mannequins, with models and flat from the very beginning. However to achieve great product photography it is not only about the photographer but also about dressing the product to look as it should. This is why we actively involve our clients in the photography process listening to their ideas of how they want to see the product, doing test shots until we get the an output our customers are 110% happy with. 

Below is a small sample of the images taken.


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Chrome and Silver Product Photography

Over the years I have photographed every type of jewel and precious metal imaginable so when we were approached by a Warwickshire based local designer and manufacturer of high quality architectural hardware to do their photography.  I thought nothing of the challenge we faced, I now know photographing chrome is probably the most difficult type of product photography going.

I have photographed a lot of hand worked silver jewellery which can be tricky, but that is nothing in comparison to photographing chrome.  It is basically like taking photographs of a three dimensional mirror. However,  I have always liked a challenge and I am not known for giving up easily.  It has taken a lot of patience but I am now producing work that my client and I are happy with.




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Product Photography Warwickshire Working with Horses

99% of the time I take product photographs in my studio, however a recent customer wanted their product photography done at their premises. The client wanted standard product shots on a white backgrounds but in addition they also wanted some photographs of their products on their horses. 

So packed all my kit up including large white and black backgrounds, lights, stands and reflectors and headed for the customers farm. I then set up my equipment in a large barn to photograph the biggest horse I have ever seen!

I am fairly tall but this horse towered over me and my camera so much so that I had to stand on a box to be at the same height as my tripod to photograph the horse. It was a challenge and also a thrill to set up my equipment in a barn which was a first for me.  That said though I am well versed in using my studio lights and quickly got set up to where I needed to be. 

The next few hours flew by where I photographed a series of ten bridles on Eric the horse who was very well behaved throughout. Afterwards we then when into warmer climes of the clients office to set up the white background and photograph the rest of the products.

As I mentioned above I would usually do this type of work in my studio but by being on site with the client they where able to direct how there photographs were taken which makes the process of taking the photographs so much easier. Resulting in set ups that the customers knows will work for their product and I know will work in terms of lighting.

This was my first time working with horses on location it was very enjoyable. I found the horses to be very well behaved. I have worked with lots of animals but I now think horses are the best to work with and look forward to doing more in the future.






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Clothing Photography Warwickshire

I was approached by Melimoto to provide product photography for their new range of motorcycle clothing. Matt the owner is a typical businessman who will throw his hand to anything if it will save money.  I do it myself and although it does save money it doesn't save time and the results often aren't as good.

Up until now Matt has done all his product photography himself, he told me that he didn't think I could do a better job but due to time constraints he had to hire me in.

First of all I visited the Melimoto factory in the Black Country, Matt wanted some arty shots of the product. We discussed various options and ideas but settled on a visit to the factory because they have lots of bike parts and helmets that would make a good background, that are relevant to the product being sold.  

90% of the time I do most of my work at my studio in Warwick, but I can easily take my studio with me to locations.  The main reason for this is to take advantage of the extra power studio flash creates and also the flexibility for creative lighting and to fit around my clients needs.

Once the creative photographs were done I took the clothing with me back to my studio to create product photos on white backgrounds. Our studio is ideal for this type of work  because we have mannequins of all types, a central town centre location ideal for deliveries and also natural light options for more natural looking product photographs.  We also have a range of backgrounds and props.

Once the clothing photography was finished Matt was very impressed with the results and said that he could see why I knew I could do a better job than he could. It is really because there is so much more to creating good quality product photography than simply using any old camera to photograph a product on a white background. I often compare a photographer to a chef, sure we can all cook to some extent, but to do it really well, takes skill, experience, dedication and time.



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Jewellery Photographer Warwickshire

Recently we were delighted to provide jewellery photography services to Karen Lester who needed professional photographs for her final year presentation project at university.  Karen wanted the background and the model to be as neutral as possible to make sure that the focus of the photographs were her jewellery. 



We agreed to photograph the jewellery pieces first on a white background and then follow up a week or so later with the jewellery placed on a model, with the model dressed in neutral clothing again against a white background. 


Jewellery photography services have been a core business service since the beginning when our studio was based above Living Designs in Leamington Spa from 2010 - 2012.  I really enjoy working with jewellery because each piece is always different and creates its own challenges to bring out beauty of each piece. For more information on hiring us as your jewellery photographer please visit our product photography page




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