Clothing Photography Warwickshire

I was approached by Melimoto to provide product photography for their new range of motorcycle clothing. Matt the owner is a typical businessman who will throw his hand to anything if it will save money.  I do it myself and although it does save money it doesn't save time and the results often aren't as good.

Up until now Matt has done all his product photography himself, he told me that he didn't think I could do a better job but due to time constraints he had to hire me in.

First of all I visited the Melimoto factory in the Black Country, Matt wanted some arty shots of the product. We discussed various options and ideas but settled on a visit to the factory because they have lots of bike parts and helmets that would make a good background, that are relevant to the product being sold.  

90% of the time I do most of my work at my studio in Warwick, but I can easily take my studio with me to locations.  The main reason for this is to take advantage of the extra power studio flash creates and also the flexibility for creative lighting and to fit around my clients needs.

Once the creative photographs were done I took the clothing with me back to my studio to create product photos on white backgrounds. Our studio is ideal for this type of work  because we have mannequins of all types, a central town centre location ideal for deliveries and also natural light options for more natural looking product photographs.  We also have a range of backgrounds and props.

Once the clothing photography was finished Matt was very impressed with the results and said that he could see why I knew I could do a better job than he could. It is really because there is so much more to creating good quality product photography than simply using any old camera to photograph a product on a white background. I often compare a photographer to a chef, sure we can all cook to some extent, but to do it really well, takes skill, experience, dedication and time.

Chris Squire