Product Photography Warwickshire Working with Horses

99% of the time I take product photographs in my studio, however a recent customer wanted their product photography done at their premises. The client wanted standard product shots on a white backgrounds but in addition they also wanted some photographs of their products on their horses. 

So packed all my kit up including large white and black backgrounds, lights, stands and reflectors and headed for the customers farm. I then set up my equipment in a large barn to photograph the biggest horse I have ever seen!

I am fairly tall but this horse towered over me and my camera so much so that I had to stand on a box to be at the same height as my tripod to photograph the horse. It was a challenge and also a thrill to set up my equipment in a barn which was a first for me.  That said though I am well versed in using my studio lights and quickly got set up to where I needed to be. 

The next few hours flew by where I photographed a series of ten bridles on Eric the horse who was very well behaved throughout. Afterwards we then when into warmer climes of the clients office to set up the white background and photograph the rest of the products.

As I mentioned above I would usually do this type of work in my studio but by being on site with the client they where able to direct how there photographs were taken which makes the process of taking the photographs so much easier. Resulting in set ups that the customers knows will work for their product and I know will work in terms of lighting.

This was my first time working with horses on location it was very enjoyable. I found the horses to be very well behaved. I have worked with lots of animals but I now think horses are the best to work with and look forward to doing more in the future.

Chris Squire