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Wedding Photography at Stonehenge & The Hawk Conservancy Trust


On 22nd April 2017 I provided the wedding photography for Sarah and Brett held at Stonehenge in Wiltshire and The Hawk Conservancy Trust in Hampshire.

I had done some work previously for Sarah and when she mentioned that she would like to employ me for her wedding at Stonehenge I was over the moon. Stonehenge is right up there as a national landmark with the Houses of Parliment and Big Ben.

The day started at 6.00 am where we all met in the car park of Stonehenge to take the shuttle bus to the Stones. My working day started here, it was light with a glimmer of orange on the horizon.  I wanted to capture in the build up of the guest arriving at the bus stop plus the orange horizon. 

The dress code for the day was casual except Sarah and Brett were wearing capes and the high priests had traditional clothing on. Once at Stonehenge proper security advised us that we had exactly one hour for inside the stones and strictly no touching stones. Immediately I ran off to get some landscape pictures of the stones before the procession arrived.

Pretty much as soon as the procession had arrived in the circle the service started, where I spent my time moving in and out of the stones capturing the emotions of the ceremony it was very unusual to be able to move 360 degrees around the subject. Usually, registars or vicars don't like to photographers to move too much in services, this was not the case here although I had two security guards watching my every move.

The ceremony lasted 45 minutes which left not much time to get some portraits of the Sarah and Brett and also allow them some time to take the scene in. I took some 500 images in the hour available I don't think I have ever taken so many images in such a short amount of time but I have never been to a wedding at Stonehenge before and didn't want to miss a single detail. 

Call me crazy but I could feel a fuzziness coming from the stones but before I had time to think about it, it was over with a security guard saying time up and get back on the bus back to the visitor centre. It was over too quick, but there was no talking the guards round it straight back to the visitor centre. 

The next part of the wedding was at the Hawk Conservancy Trust just up the road in Hampshire. It is a sanctuary for birds of prey with regular shows throughout the day. The weather in the morning had been quite cloudy but now the sun was out for the blessing in a wild flower meadow covered in cowslips. I have only seen small clumps before of one or two cowslips nothing like the scale of this place.

The blessing was very calm and tranquil, the sun was out making a complete opposite to the handfasting ceremony in the morning. After the blessing, there was some confetti which made for some beautiful pictures.

The rest of the day was spent watching the birds of prey shows interweaved with a three-course meal. It was a spectacular wedding day the handfasting ceremony in the morning was amazing and then wildflower meadow and the birds of prey it was fantastic. I rounded the day off with some portraits of Sarah and Brett in the wildflower meadow and then drive back to Warwick through the Cotswolds as the sunset -  what a day! 

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