Wedding Photography for a Small Family Wedding Alice & Omar @ Pageant House

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of providing wedding photography for a small family wedding held at the Pageant House and then in and around Warwick for photographs. It was a perfect sunny day with a friendly family and great surroundings.

For every wedding big or small I always seek to agree a plan with my client from the outset.  Having a plan of the days timings,  who needs to be photographed, where we will do the photographs and how much time we have for the photography and many more questions.  Need to be answered before the big day,   I also always do recce of the area in advance even if I have been to that place many times before because its always good to know the lay the of land where the light looks best and where the best spots are for wedding photography. 

You may be reading this and thinking with so much planning the end photographs will be very rigid.  The complete opposite is true because once the client knows what they are doing and I know what I am doing.  Everyone can relax and enjoy the day because there is nothing to worry about apart from enjoying the day.

Below are a small selection of the images from the day.