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Wedding Photography at Henley Room Registry Office Stratford


On the 4th August,  I did the Wedding Photography Warwickshire at the Henley Room Registry Office for Lisa and Marcus. I'd been booked for my six-hour package to cover the morning bridal preparations through the first dance in the evening. 

I have been to the Henley Rooms a number of times now, it is definitely an improvement on the old Windsor House registry office on the inside but the downside is that it has no outside space, but on this occasion, it did not matter because it was a gloriously sunny August day so we were able to walk down to the park by the river for photos.  

After meeting Lisa at her home I did some casual photos of the bridal prep before heading off to Stratford to get to the Henley Rooms to aim to get there before they did, as it turned out everybody struggled to get to the ceremony on time because of the extreme traffic queues into the town. 

But once there I was able to guide guests in and generally help out as there was a lot of confusion as most of the key people were missing when the ceremony was due to start. I often like to help as much as I can I am a photographer but my job is also to help the day run smooth.  Once everybody had arrived the ceremony was very touching, there were some tears of joy and lots of laughter. Afterwards, Marcus and Lisa left the Henley Room in there hired 1950's Cadillac whilst I guided the guests down to the small park located close to Holy Trinity Church. I had chosen this park as I know the Bancroft is rammed in the summertime, this was a lot quieter and there was space to park the car. 

We did some formal group photos and some couple photos by the river and then everybody headed off for the reception meal and I met up with them later the Rugby Club in Alcester, where they had booked the whole club and a burger van / horsebox. 

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Stephen and Katy Wedding Photography at the Henley Room Registry Office Stratford-upon-Avon


On the 9th December, I provided wedding photography at the new Henley Room Registry Office in Stratford-upon-Avon.  I have done lots of weddings at the old Winton House Venue in Stratford and although Winton House was on a quieter street the interior of the new venue at Henley Room is much brighter and better decorated.

The only downside to the new venue is when the Market is on like it was when I was there, there is no room to spill out of the venue onto the street as the market stalls are in the way.

On the day itself, it was a very bright sunny but cold day, Stephen and Katy had only booked me for an hour just to cover service and for some photos afterwards, my time with them was brief but I still managed to capture 198 images for them to keep of the ceremony pictures afterwards.

It was very cold on the day so instead of heading down to the Bancroft Gardens for some photos we stayed around the venue, the Henley Rooms don’t have any gardens but there is a small patch of ground next to the Shakespeare Birthplace that we used for photos until the security guard told us to move.

It was nice little wedding and congratulations to Stephen and Katy.


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