Aerial photography & video

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High resolution aerial photos and 4K video at heights from 2 metres to 120 metres above the ground and with special clearance from air traffic control up to 400 metres altitude to create stunning aerial views. We can achieve oblique photography, straight down satellite style plan views or photos taken across the horizon at a cost and flexibility to deliver a unique perspective on your business, event or property.

We are fully insured and certified by the Civil Aviation Authority, to carry out aerial work using an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or drones as they are more popularly called. We also follow an operational policy to ensure even the strictest Health and Safety guidelines are adhered to at all times.


Copy right free digital photographs· ideal for promotion purposes for estate agents,·festivals or businesses, such as car dealerships, rural attractions, large retail developments, schools and other education establishments.

 Aerial Progress Photographs for the construction industry, we can return to the same spot in the sky using our GPS way point software time and time again to create progress photographs of an entire development over any length of time.

Large format photos ideal for·farmers, estate holders and large constructions projects. We are able to create low cost aerial photos that will allow the whole project to be viewed in one high resolution image with extremely high detail.

We use unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to carryout our work, we have been licensed to fly UAV's commercially since 2010 and were (Dataq Technologies Ltd) the seventh company to gain a commercial licence to fly UAVs.  We very experienced flyers with many hours flown all over the UK.  We also hold a 10 million public liability insurance policy. For more indepth information on our services and to view our work please visit the Dataq Technologies website.