Baby Passport Photo Warwickshire

We provide high-quality studio baby passport photos from our centrally located studio in Warwick town centre, we can also accommodate children and adults for all types of passport photos and visa photos. 

We offer a Guaranteed Service

Providing baby passport photo and visa photographs for children and adults been a speciality of ours for more than six years, in this time we have created thousands of high-quality images for babies and children's passports with a zero rejection rate. As with all types of photography services we offer it is our absolute aim to do the best job possible, we also only the best quality photographic paper which is why we are recommended by Warwick Post Office as a local provider of baby passports photo and children's passports photos in Warwickshire.

Baby Passport Photography Service Warwick


Opening Times

Our baby passport photo service is open by appointment between 9.30 am - 6 pm Monday to Friday and 9.30 - 4.00 pm on Saturdays simply call us to book an appointment 01926 800105. Our studio is based at 1 Market Place in Warwick, Warwickshire. By booking an appointment with us you are guaranteed to receive a passport photograph that is not only exactly to specification but its a pleasing mini portrait of your child. 

Our service costs £10.00 for each set and comprises of:

  • Six UK Passports calibrated and cut to size exactly to specification. Or Four Visa Photographs again exactly to specification.

  • High-quality lighting and professional equipment used.

  • Unlimited tries to get the perfect shot at no extra cost. 

  • A digital copy of the passport photos

We also provide a passport photo and visa photo service for adults which are completed to the same high standard and costs exactly the same whether it is a UK Passport or Visa Photograph please see our Visa and Passport page for more information.

Tel: 01926 800105