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Wedding Photography at Henley Room Registry Office Stratford

Wedding Photography at Henley Room Registry Office Stratford

On the 4th August,  I did the Wedding Photography Warwickshire at the Henley Room Registry Office for Lisa and Marcus. I'd been booked for my six-hour package to cover the morning bridal preparations through the first dance in the evening. 

Wedding Photography Burton Dassett Warwickshire

Wedding Photography Burton Dassett Warwickshire

On the 2nd August, I did the wedding photography for Daniel and Sami at the Pageant House in Warwick and then we headed off to Burton Dassett for photos and then Burton Dassett Village Hall.   The wedding had a Beauty and the Beast Disney theme which was very original, Sami wore a classic wedding dress and Daniel wore a suit from Beauty and the Beast.

Wedding Photography Pageant House Warwick | Megan & Tim

Wedding Photography Pageant House Warwick | Megan & Tim

At the end of July, I photographed the wedding of Megan & Tim who got married at the Pageant House registry office in Warwick. I have provided the wedding photography for many weddings at Warwick Registry Office but even though I have been then many times, each wedding is always different and the feel of the images different each time. 

Mallory Court Wedding Photography | Sally and Steve

Congratulations Sally & Steve who got married at the Mallory Court Hotel in June. I was booked to capture the wedding photography all day from the getting ready preparations through to the first dance in the evening. I have provided wedding photography at the Mallory Court a number of times, it really is a lovely venue.  For Sally and Steves wedding though it was a day filled with laughter, love and probably the most detailed father of the bride speech that has ever been told. 

Sally and Steve are a lovely couple we did engagement portraits in October with Sally's horse Honey. The weather could not have been worse it was windy and rainy but we still got some good shots!  Fast forward to their wedding day and the weather was perfect - nice and sunny with some cloud diffusion. 

For me, the day started splitting my time between the bridal prep and the arrival of the guests,  at the Mallory Court it is easy to do as the venue isn't too big. The morning ran like clockwork Sally and her father are keen organisers.  The ceremony was held in the drawing room which was very calm although the most emotional person was the father of the bride. 

After the ceremony, everyone spilled out into the gardens at the back of the venue for a few hours whilst we did the formal photos and everybody had some time to relax with canapes. The drawing room was transformed for the wedding breakfast and then came the speeches, where the father of the bride had recorded Sally's life story including a hilarious begging letter that he'd kept from her childhood. 

At this point, there was a break and then everybody returned to for the evening festivities, during this break I also did some wedding portraits of Sally and Steve around the venue.  It was a fun day and it was good to see these two tie knot after getting to know them so well over the last year. 

If you are looking for a Mallory Court Wedding Photographer please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Here is a small sample of the 800 plus finished images provided. 

Pageant Registry Office Warwick, Wedding Photography | Rebecca & Nico

Pageant Registry Office Warwick, Wedding Photography | Rebecca & Nico

I have covered many weddings at the Pageant House in Warwick, it's a nice little venue that is ideally located in the Historic part of Warwick with the Castle in the background and the surrounding lanes which are all perfect for natural wedding photography. I am a big fan of capturing the flow and emotion of the wedding day, formal photographs do have their place as a record of the people that attended with natural shots they really do capture the feel of the day. 

A Very Warwick Wedding @ Mill Gardens Warwick

On 17th May 2013, I was delighted to be the official wedding photographer for the wedding of Joanne & Nick Kamen. The service was held at Shire Hall Registry Office and then with the aid of some vintage Rolls Royce’s we were whisked off to St Nicolas’s Park and then onto the Mill Garden at the foot of the Castle.

When they came to book at my studio Joanne & Nick wanted the full wedding photography treatment including beautiful backdrops and cars but not the usual hotel venue. I suggested that after their service they should have their photographs taken at the Mill Garden on Mill Street; however the gardens were already booked, so Nick suggested that we use the gardens in St Nicholas’s park first and then went onto the Mill Garden.

The plan worked a flawlessly, we did some photos in the square with the Rolls Royce’s and then some close family portraits in the park, whilst the Rollers went back to the square to pick up the rest of the party. In the park the flowers were in full bloom, I don’t think a hotel flower bed would have been as well kept.  Then we went onto the spectacular Mill Garden. I have done a few weddings at this garden and I cannot stress enough about what a beautiful place it is, the flowers beds and lawns are immaculate, then there is the romantic ruined bridge and the river and of course Warwick Castle. Wedding photography garden hire is £40, which I think is very reasonable for the views included.

After the wedding photographs had finished I walked back to town with the wedding party through the old castle gate that leads off the St Nicholas roundabout, the path is carved through ancient rock and leads onto Castle Lane. I couldn’t help thinking on my walk back to my studio how well the wedding photography had worked and the guest experience of seeing some hidden gems of Warwick.

I think this wedding is proof that there are alternatives to traditional church and hotel reception weddings that don’t scrimp on the wow factor.  It was also a great wedding to cover, everyone was easy to instruct and even the weather turned out well in the end after an anxious week of rain forecasts.


It was a great day all round.